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There is no right or wrong way to lead generate... But I bet there are ways to do it better!

It seems that ever day someone tries to tell you how to lead generate for business.  Someone calls you and tries to sell you something or get you to use this awesome new website.

It seems that someone always has an opinion on what to do, and how to do it.

And without fail, you try it.  You stop what it is you are doing to try this new thing that they are saying will give you success.  Having been convinced by them that the current lead gen ways you are using suck, and that you have to use theirs to be better or the best in their words.


Now some of these ideas may in fact be good ideas, they may have merit.  And trying these new ways may actually bring in tons of leads.  But that is not the point of my rambling today.

The success you get from whatever form of business building you are doing comes from a bell curve, not a straight line up.  So most of us give up on it before we put in enough time to make it effective.  OR we do not put enough effort into that one thing to make it productive.

So look at whatever you are doing. Cold calling, expireds, facebook, twitter, door knocking, etc... Look at it, and see what ways you can make it better.  Learn it, know it, master it, become the king/queen of it.  See what everyone is doing and do it better!  Then, and only then do you try something new.

We all try to do to many things at one time then end up being terrible at them all.

So stop listening to everyone, and see what it is you like to do.  Learn it better, do it better, and master it.  I am sure it will lead to some promising results!


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There is no right or wrong way to lead generate… But I bet there…
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