Empowering Professionals: October 2010

Can't find the car keys... But I bet you can remember THAT agent that made you mad 7 years ago...


Isn't that the truth?  We sometimes can't find the obvious stuff, but we have no problem remembering the stuff from years past that might have made you, um... mad?  Like that agent that didn't give me my $200...

It was a tour day.  Wednesday...  I remember tour days in Los Gatos since it seemed that everyone did it. Touring properties, leaving cards, trying to think of comments that we can leave so we sounded like we were giving great points and not necessarily criticizing...  Food, soda, coffee, snacks, you name it.

We would wait for the tour sheet to come out on Tuesday night, and highlight the homes that had the good stuff.  Routinely there would be 50-70 homes on tour, so we would only be able to view 10 or so homes, before 12:30 hit...  And that was when the Fred Flintstone whistle would blow alerting us that tour was over. 

So we would highlight the donuts early in the morning with the coffee...  The bagels maybe later, so we could stuff them in our bags...  And of course the lunches...   So I would sing, "Food, glorious food,
Hot sausage and mustard, while we're in the mood" (from oliver).

BUT, there were things that were offered that were out of the ordinary.  Like Lottery tickets, drawings for wine, discount tickets, movie tickets  and gift certificates. 

Being smart, we would look for the furthest away listing, that was offering giveaways and then 4 of us would drive out there and split the booty if we won.  Driving to the coast was a 30 minute trek, so when we would arrive it would seem that we were the only ones there and would win the prize.  I mean, who would drive out THAT far, right?  Well, the agent was happy too, since he was able to tell his seller that several agents from his office went to the home that day.

So this one day, I scanned the tour sheet and noticed that this agent was offering a $200 gift certificate to Nordstrom's to the lucky winner who visited her house that day on tour.  My friends were all away that day, so I decided to take the trek out there to visit.  It took almost 35 minutes to get to her house, up in the mountains.  When I got there, the agent's assistant said with a smile on her face, "Well, I am closing up...  AND you are the only agent that came to visit today...  So I assume you are going to be the lucky winner of the gift certificate".  It sure made the trip back home good. Thinking of the new ties or shoes or something that I was going to buy...

So the next day I called the agent to check in, and to see how I would get my hands on this golden ticket.  -No response.

I called a few days later.

-No response

I called a few days after that.

-No response.

I sent an email.

-No response.  

I never heard back from this mega huge agent, and she never called me...  Listing after listing after listing, that I would never visit again on tour day...

10 years later, I still remember her, her car, her smile...  And that she didn't award me the gift certificate.

The point of the story...  Think twice before you do something that will leave a negative lasting impression... Like yelling, screaming, swearing, lying, cheating and not giving me a gift certificate that I won, fair and square.  J

By the way, I am sooo over it!  Just a thought for today's post!  :)  And yes, I am smiling!


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