Empowering Professionals: April 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Pictures while hiking

I go hiking all the time, up in the open space above my house.  I decided to take a lesser traveled path last week, and came across several wild iris's (spelling??? hmm...).  And check this one out!


I was looking around as I was hiking and caught this rabbit just hanging out on the side of the path.  I think this was the only time I found a rabbit cute...  I have several that live in my yard, and eat everything I try to plant...  So it is a love/hate relationship right now.  :)


Summer is coming, and I can't wait!  I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


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Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Pictures while hiking
I go hiking all the time, up in the open space above my house. I decided to take a lesser traveled path last week, and came across several wild iris's (spelling??? hmm… ). And check this one out! I was looking around as I was hiking… more
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