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Wordless Wednesday (almost) - Would you ride this ride?

I went to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton a few weekends ago...  I actually went to see Tracy Lawrence perform.  For those of you that are not county music lovers, he is a country singer.  It was a good show.

Carnival Ride

After the early show, we did some walking, and came across this ride that had a looooong line!  It spins on its axis, flinging the ends into spins.

carnival ride

As I step back and take a picture of the entire ride, you can see it is pretty big...

Carnival Ride

My little Cannon camera has a pretty good zoom, so I focused in on some riders as they waited for the next riders to board below.  Imagine waiting up there, so they can spin the crap out of you...  They even took off their shoes...  lol!

Now you may ask if I rode it?  

Have a great day!


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Wordless Wednesday (almost) - Would you ride this ride?
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