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Speechless Sunday - Sunrise in Saratoga CA

Sunrise in Saratoga CA

Sunrise in Saratoga

Ohhh...  I was really tired when I took this picture, but I took it anyways...  Glad I did!  It came out great.  I took it from my back porch.

Saratoga is just West of San Jose, CA.  50 minutes South of San Francisco, CA.





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Comment balloon 29 commentsChris Alston • November 14 2010 11:20PM
Speechless Sunday - Sunrise in Saratoga CA
Sunrise in Saratoga CA Ohhh… I was really tired when I took this picture, but I took it anyways… Glad I did! It came out great. I took it from my back porch. Saratoga is just West of San Jose, CA. 50 minutes South of San… more
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