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Would you rather have ONE really good lead, or just TEN plain leads?

10 leadsIt is surprising how many different answers you can get from a simple question like this...

Makes me think of the count on Sesame Street...  "One... twwwwwwwwo...  ttttthrrrrrrre...  ahh ahhh ahh ahhh....  Fffffooooour....  ahhh ahhh ahhh...

One good lead...  One that will close a home with you...  Or many good leads, that you would have to cultivate to get to a sale, or not.

What would you want?  One lead or ten...  Some of us may not have that much business right now, so we would raise our hand for the one good lead that will lead to income right away.  No chasing down the so-called tire kickers.  No wondering if a paycheck is going to come in...  But then be left with no clients, and have to start over again from square one...

But then again, some of us would want the ten leads...  Ten buyers that we could work on, cultivate and help.  Many to work on, many to fill our day.

We are in the business of lead generation, focusing on real estate...  I would rather have the 10 leads, and have the chance of closing more than one through my focus and determination...  You never know, that ONE good lead could walk and leave me with nothing if I chose only one...  But if I have ten and one leaves, then I still have nine.

What would you want, and why?





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Would you rather have ONE really good lead, or just TEN plain leads?
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