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Sunrise on a new day in Real Estate

With the shorter days, it seems that getting up early to see the sunrise means you are up early to start the day.  It is usually getting light mid 6am here on the west coast.  So if I miss the sunrise, I feel I am getting off to a late start.

So on days where it is cloudy, we get a great sunrise over the mountains that shines up the sky.  This picture was taken from my back window.

Getting up early is sometimes the key to starting off a great day.  When we get into the habit of waking up early, we can start the day off right.  It makes it easier to take the time to lead generate, return emails, return calls, update our social media for that day, practice our scripts and all before lunch.  Then that give us time in the afternoon to preview houses, show houses, an of course WRITE CONTRACTS!

So next time you see the sunrise, know that you are starting your day off with time to get everything accomplished that you need to to!





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Comment balloon 27 commentsChris Alston • December 28 2010 12:23AM
Sunrise on a new day in Real Estate
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