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Soci@l - The book. Chapter 3 review. Social Media and your Sphere (working your mets)

 Soci@l the Book

In reading this awesome book, I wanted to highlight the things that it covered in chapter 3.

Working your mets.

Too often agents think that they only way to work our SOI was to send email, postcards, snail mail, etc...  Well, understanding social media can help you increase your awareness using online sources rather then (or in support of) offline sources.  But there is a right way, and a wrong way.

This chapter covers these four points...

•1)      When using social media, be sure to not be all about business.  1 in 5 or maybe 1 in 6 should be business.  Post things about where you went to dinner, places you traveled, movies you are thinking of seeing, pictures of you with your friends.  Get your audiences listening to what you are posting, so when you hit them up with a business related post, they are sucked in and read it.  You can use sites like www.bit.ly to track who is clicking through on the posts that you make, if it is to external content. 

•2)      Always be positive!  No one really enjoys people who consistently talk about how the sky is falling.  Being upbeat breeds more positive behavior.  More people may be encouraged to post more positive feedback.

•3)      When you have wins, or successes with your clients, don't be afraid to post them!  The more you post your "wins", the more your friends and family will start thinking of you first when they think of real estate...  And that is the big win.  It's not how many people you know, or how many people you have as friends...  It's how many of them will think of you, when they think of real estate.

•4)      The Last point it makes is to learn about those people that are in your sphere of influence.  Who they are, what it is they like to talk about and how they would respond to your questions/comments.  To often we overlook this online, but it's as simple as looking at their wall posts.

All in all, it is definatily a great "guide book" to get yourself up and running in the social media zoo.  I have to again state that it definatily is about "WHEN" you are going to start using social media, not "IF".

This blog post is a review of Soci@l: Attract Friends, Followers and Connections to Your Business. Soci@l is a free download written by Ben Kinney in conjunction with ActiveRain and Jay Papasan. In exchange for downloading the free copy of Soci@l and writing this review, I have a chance to win a free iPad and I'm getting 2000 ActiveRain points.

Download a free copy of Social here and find out how you can have a chance to win an iPad and be guaranteed 2000 ActiveRain points.



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