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You just bought a new car, now you see THAT car EVERYWHERE!

New Car

Isn't that the truth!  You buy a new car, that you think is awesome and that everyone will love to see you in it...  Then as you are driving home, you notice that there are a lot of cars just like it on the road, and you are no longer "special".  Well, YOU are special, but you know what I mean. 

Your RETICULAR ACTIVATOR (That part of the brain that starts firing up and making you notice things that you may have otherwise disregarded in teh past) starts working in overtime!

We think the same way when it comes to Realtors.  We think that everyone knows a realtor and that there is a lot of competition out there...  Some of us think that everybody out there knows a Real Estate Agent, so it will be tuff to gain ground...

But the truth is, that not everyone out there knows a Real Estate Agent...  Or at least can remember a Real Estate Agents name if they had to recall one.

When it comes to that car that you just got, not everyone is seeing that same car on the road...  So rest easy, you made a good choice!

So the point is, get out there and spread the word about who you are, and how you can help the people that you have in your sphere of influence...  You never know when that one person is going to need you, and they will only know that you can help, if you have been reminding them all along!




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You just bought a new car, now you see THAT car EVERYWHERE!
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